Japan Rail Pass

Japan runs the world’s most efficient and convenient rail service. This tightly scheduled, safe, speedy and punctual train service is conducted by the Japan Railways Group (JRG) and is one the most popular ways of seeing Japan. Please see more information at www.japanrailpass.net

The Japan Rail Pass, or “JRP”, is a special discount pass for travellers visiting Japan from foreign countries for sightseeing purposes only. With the JRP, you can freely board almost any train on Japan Railways Group lines throughout the country.

We sell exchange order (voucher) – which is valid for 3 months from the date of issue – you will need to exchange it with JRP in Japan.

We reserve the right to cancel/suspend your order if anything suspicious/unclear arises - in that case we will contact you immediately. 

Prices are subject to change without prior notice.





Who can use the Pass?


You must purchase an Exchange Order before you travel to Japan.


A foreign national visiting Japan from abroad for sightseeing, under the entry status of ‘Temporary Visitor’

The exchange can not be made in Japan unless you have a ‘Temporary Visitor’ stamp in your passport.

All other passes (Hokkaido Railway, Central Japan Railway, Shikoku Railway, West Japan Railway, Kyushu Railway) are restricted to non-Japanese nationals visiting Japan on short term visas that meet the following conditions:

1. Possession of a non-Japanese passport

2. Visiting Japan for sightseeing on a short-term visa of 90 days or less upon entry

Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

Japanese citizens living outside of Japan will be able to purchase Rail Passes between 1st June 2017 and 31st December 2020 (you can exchange the vouchers between 1st June 2017 and 30th March 2021).



Those who have an official document issued by the Japanese Consulate that can prove you have lived in a foreign country for more than 10 years continuously.

You will need either one of the following papers (issue date has to be within 6 months of buying the exchanging vouchers):

1.      An original copy of Residence Papers issued by the Japanese Consulate (these must have been issued 10 years ago or more or  they will not be accepted)

2.      Proof of Residence issued by the Japanese consulate (must be dated 10 years ago or more or will not be accepted)

For further information please go to http://www.japanrailpass.net/en/index.html and check.


Can I buy the Japan Rail Pass through Toptour Europe?


Yes, Toptour Europe is one of the travel agents authorised to sell a Japan Rail Pass exchange order in the UK.

This exchange order is issued in a voucher form which will be exchanged into the Japan Rail Pass at a number of JR stations. Please see the list of the stations. http://www.japanrailpass.net/eng/en009.html

Please be aware that you will be required to present original documents to show your eligibility at the point of exchange.

Please call us on 020 7430 2438 or email us info@tteuk.com for further information.


Can I use any trains with the Japan Rail Pass?


With the JRP, you may have unlimited travel on all Japan Railways (JR) group Shinkansen (except for the "Nozomi" and "Mizuho"), limited express trains, express trains, and local trains.

Please refer to Japan Rail Pass website   http://www.japanrailpass.net/en/ for more detail.


When should I buy a JRP exchange order?


An exchange order is valid for 3 months from the issue date. Therefore the earliest you can place an order is 3 months before the date on which you intend to turn the exchange order into the Japan Rail Pass in Japan. Please make sure to allow enough time for the delivery so you will receive it before your departure.

Please call our office or email us to request a free Japan Rail Pass brochure and further booking information.

Please note

  1. * Children who are aged 6 through 11 as of the date on which the exchange order is issued are eligible for child pass prices.
  2. * Credit Card Charges: no surcharges
  3. * Debit Card (UK only): no surcharges
  4. * Cancellation : 10% processing fee per ticket

Can I cancel the pass?


You can cancel if:


- you haven't exchanged the Exchange Order to Japan Rail Pass

- the Exchange Order is not lost/stolen (the original voucher has to be returned to us)

- within 1 year from the purchase date (however we advise you to return to us before 30days of the deadline as we will have to contact Japan Rail in Japan). 

Please be noted that it will take up to 3 months to be refunded once approved by Japan Rail

- 10% cancellation charge per ticket


Which pass should I buy?


We reccommend Japan Railway Pass (7/14/21 days) as this pass will allow you to travel all over Japan, covering those regional passes.

If you only stay in one region and would like to explore around the area, then regional passes can be cheaper than Japan Railway Pass.

Each pass is different and we suggest you to check each JR group's website for the details:


Japan Railways                            http://www.japanrailpass.net/en/

West Japan Railway                      http://www.westjr.co.jp/global/en/travel-information/

Central Japan Railway                   http://english.jr-central.co.jp/

Kyushu Railway                            https://www.jrkyushu.co.jp/english/railpass/railpass.jsp

Hokkaido Railway                         http://www2.jrhokkaido.co.jp/global/english/railpass/rail.html

Shikoku Railway                           http://www.jr-shikoku.co.jp/global/en/


Tobu Railway                                http://www.tobu.co.jp/foreign/


** Within the UK **

Collection from our office (Mon-Fri/9.30-17.00): £0.00

Royal Mail Signed for (1st): £2.00
Royal Mail Special Delivery within the UK (Next Day by 1pm): £7.00
Royal Mail Special Delivery within the UK (Saturday): £11.50

For Next Day Special Delivery (including Saturday delivery), please order by 3pm, otherwise it will be dispatched next business day.

For collection from our office, please bring your ID with you.

** Outside of the UK **

EU International Tracked: £9.00

Rest of the world International tracked £10.00

Courier within EU: £35.00

Courier to Israel: £40.00

Royal mail rest of world International tracked (aim to deliver within 10 working days)

Courier within EU(aim to deliver within 5 working days)

Courier to Israel (aim to deliver within 5 working days)

Thank you very much for your understanding in advance.


Please be noted that once we post the voucher, we will not take any responsibilities for any loses/damages during the delivery. We recommend you choose "Special Delivery" for guaranteed delivery within the UK, and "courier" for outside the UK.

In any case where you do not receive your passes within a week before departure, repurchase and using Courier can be arranged and new passes should be delivered to you within the next few days.

* This means you will have to re-purchase your passes.

* Once the unused tickets are returned back to us, we will make the reimbursement (Cancellation fee does not apply for this case, but card charge and the original postage fee will not be refunded)

Thank you very much for your understanding in advance.


Tel: 020 7430 2438

Email: info@tteuk.com